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The modern spirit of poetry. Issue 20

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The Innermost thoughts. Issue 17

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Nika Miloslavskaya

Today I've received the collection!!! "Modern & nbsp; Spirit of Poetry" was the first collection, which included my poems, after school competitions))) I Want to Express my gratitude to company "First Book"  for such a wonderful opportunity! I wish you further ideas, inspiration and success!

Kotova Alina

There is nothing more beautiful, and nothing can inspire and inspire a novice writer or poet as much as touching the pages of the collection in which his own work is printed! Thank you very much for the opportunity to print your work and get acquainted with the works of other novice Authors. I liked the design of the collection, and the work included in it, and careful attention to all the questions that were asked is not enough, because the first publication - it's always exciting and a little scary. Thank you!

Kulikova Alla

Recently received a collection entitled " The modern spirit of poetry. Issue 3", in which I was lucky enough to participate! Very beautifully decorated cover of the collection! Everything is harmonious, and pastel colors can not but please the eye! The very design of the text looks decent and aesthetically pleasing! Communication with authors-always quickly answered questions and helped if there was something not clear. Thank you very much to Your publisher for giving young and young authors to make their first step in their, albeit Amateur, but creativity!